A snappy, fun fact!

We have been asked a few times recently, why HooperShaw?!

Clearly we are both Hoopers so where does the Shaw come from?! Let me tell you a little story...

As children, bearing in mind there's a few years difference, we were all obsessed with the film Jaws! As a nod to our childhood - being siblings on a little business mission together - we decided we should use the names of the characters/actors in our favourite film!

Enter Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw! AKA Matt Hooper and Quint!

HooperQuint didn't fit the the logo HQ would have been a know. Quint was also eaten alive so we decided to use Shaw...much better ring to it!

Hence the name of our little business!

And now you a few of Daniel's paintings mean a bit more now?!

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